Since our community is largely covered by Bermuda grass, we wanted to share some tips for keeping it healthy so that while it lies in dormancy for the Winter months we approach Spring with a lush, green lawn. If you choose to apply a pre-emergent, you should do so in early Fall and mid to late February. If you spray Roundup or similar on  lawn weeds, it is best not to do this as wind can carry the chemical and damage other landscaping.  If you do have weeds, the best way to get rid of them is the old-fashioned way, simply to dig them out one by one.  Time consuming and tedious, yes, but still the best way to conquer!

Fall is also the best time to replace those dead bushes and trees!

Should you choose to aerate you lawn the best time to do this would be late spring or early summer. Since Bermuda is a warm weather grass, it is best to aerate in spring when the grass is starting its early growth.  For lawn care tips, please refer to www.lawncareguide,org.



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